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Colorado Marriage License Info

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Colorado Marriage License Information

Colorado is a state that many people would like to get married in because of the natural beauty that the state has to offer. Getting married in Colorado is not that different from obtaining a marriage license in other states. For example, a Colorado marriage license can be slightly different depending on the county. For that reason, you need to check with both the state and your desired county to make sure you have all of the Colorado marriage license information that you need.

In general however, a Colorado marriage license does not require you to actually live in Colorado. This makes sense considering their large marriage tourism industry. Furthermore, if you want to get a marriage license from Colorado, you need to have some sort of government photo ID and your social security card available as supporting documentation. Fees for a Colorado marriage license can be as low as $10, although the trade-off for that is that in certain counties there is a no plastic policy. Make sure you have the cash on you and phone ahead to find out how much your Colorado marriage license will cost.

At the current moment in time, there is no requirement whatsoever for any kind of blood test and that has the effect of lowering the cost of marriage somewhat. In addition to that, no waiting period exists, even in the case of divorce or widowing. Supporting documentation for both of those must be handed in along with the application and other documents mentioned above if such is the case.

In regards to options, Colorado marriage license documents may be granted in the case of proxy marriage. However, there must be a valid reason for the absence of the bride or the groom. Illness and jail are examples of acceptable reasons and a separate absentee application must be filled out in that case. Cousin marriages and common law marriages are both allowed in the state of Colorado.

Colorado does not allow covenant marriage. Additionally, they do not allow same sex marriage. If you are under the age of 18 but at least 16 years old, you can still get a Colorado marriage license with your future spouse if your parents are willing to give their consent in order to allow you to get married.

When it comes to getting married in Colorado, those are the basics as they exist. If you would like any further information, you should contact your local county office and ask to speak to someone that deals with Colorado marriage license issues.
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