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Celebrate a Religious Wedding

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A religious wedding traditionally takes place in a church, mosque or synagogue. It reflects the faith and beliefs of the couple and their family. It is rooted in the tradition that marriage is a holy ritual performed in a house of worship and officiated by a religious leader, such as a priest or pastor, imam or rabbi.

Celebrating a religious wedding is a common practice in this and many other countries. Religion, although seen as being on a decline, is a very important part of many people’s lives. Even individuals who do not attend regular religious services identify themselves with a particular faith or denomination, be it Catholic, Baptist, Mormon, Evangelical, Anglican, Methodist and so on.

To have a religious wedding, the couple should meet with their pastor, priest, rabbi or imam as soon as possible to discuss their ideals and set a date for the wedding. Some religions require the completion of counseling or a marriage class prior to allowing the wedding to go forward. In these cases, successful completion of any requirements is necessary. These types of mandates are usually in place to ensure that both the bride and groom fully understand the ramifications of their decision to enter into a state of holy matrimony and the consequences of this decision.

Arrangements are made for a services to be held, usually in the chapel or meeting hall of the facility. The couple should have in mind several dates available to conduct the wedding in order to ensure that something may be available. This requires some coordination with family members and friends that the couple desires to have at the ceremony. Setting date starts the clock on the preparation and planning that needs to take place in order for the wedding ceremony to be a memorable and joyous occasion for all.

The wedding reception may also be held at the church, synagogue or mosque. Special care should be taken to carefully coordinate the dinner so as to know violate any religious precepts as it relates to alcohol consumption or certain inappropriate behavior. A wedding dinner is the chance to congratulate the new bride and groom as a married couple and should not be a time for embarrassment. In some instances, the reception must be held at the religious center as part of the tradition to consecrate the marriage. All of this will need to be worked out beforehand in order to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

What items can and cannot be brought on to the premises of the church, mosque or synagogue should be clearly communicated to the guests prior to their attendance. In more traditional or strict religious communities, this may not be an area of concern but for those who are not familiar with the customs of a particular religion, it would be advisable to provide information in advance of their attendance.

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