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Non Traditional Weddings

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Weddings are full of tradition and history. While weddings may change slightly from generation to generation, they follow the same traditions that followed before them. While most weddings follow this tradition, there are certain weddings that stray from the beaten path. Non traditional weddings are not completely different from most weddings. They do switch up some of the ways that people celebrate marriage, however.

Mixed Wedding Parties

Generally, wedding parties have been gender based. Men have the groomsmen, and women have bridesmaids. As time goes on, couple are realizing that these gender roles do not adequately define who is important to them. Mixed wedding parties feature both men and women on both sides of the wedding party. This means that both the bride and groom can have anyone on their side. No more forcing the groom to pick the bride’s brother as a groomsman. With mixed wedding parties, this is unnecessary.

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are probably the furthest from the traditional wedding. While they may follow traditional wedding customs, they are not held in the hometown of the couple. They’re not even close to the area that they come from. Destination weddings most often feature exotic destinations for the actual wedding and reception itself. Those who are looking to have a small wedding will be able to do so with a destination wedding. These weddings are expensive, and cost the guests (as well as the couple) more money than a usual wedding would.

Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are an interesting, non-traditional twist on the usual wedding. The beach wedding features all of the same rituals and traditions of a regular wedding. The only change is that a beach wedding is actually outdoors, in sand. The wedding may be shortened because it is being held outside. This is great for those who are looking for a more casual wedding. Weddings are usually more sophisticated and serious affairs. A beach wedding helps to give a casual feel. Some simply want to make sure that their guests are relaxed and enjoying themselves. The bride and groom want to make sure that they are comfortable and relaxed as well. Those who are laid back will find that a beach wedding is the best non traditional wedding possible.

Mixed wedding parties have continued to row in popularity as many realize that both men and women are important enough to be in their own wedding party. Destination weddings have been a great way to enjoy a wedding in a new, exotic setting. Beach weddings, while not traditional, have continued to be a popular way to get married. Each type of non traditional wedding simply tweaks one aspect of the usual wedding.

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